Planning ,Urban Development Services
Analysis the Physical Constructions and it's Regional Context and Preparing Master Plan
  and Review of the Exiting Master Plan and it's Recommendations.
Urban Studies ,Including Levels of Urban Planning ,Parameters and Criteria, Development
  and assessment of Master Plan Alternatives.
Meteorological Studies, and Their Impact on Urban Planning.
Social Studies, Including Analysis of Social Characteristics Social Levels , and Social Features.
Economic Studies Including Identification of Overall Strategies for Economic and Urban
  Growth and Development.
Planning for Utilities, Water Supply, Drainage, Waste Water, Roads, Power Supply, etc.
Preparation of the Master Plan Report With Implementation Program.
Project management , Total Quality Control
Inspection and evaluation of existing projects and strengthening/restoration/rehabilitation
  plans & designs.
Preparation of tender documents including conduction of contract, B.O.Q specifications,
  calling and evaluation of tenders contract negotiations and award.
Measurement and verification of bills.
Quality control and quantity surveillance.
Testing, reporting and monitoring.
Project planning, scheduling, monitoring and control.
Cost control and budget forecasting.