Failaka Island Planning  
Consultant Name:   Dar Al-Dabbous Engineering Consultants (D.E.C)
Services Performed: Existing land use and network condition.
  Planning, urban design and landscape.
  Master plane.
  Developing the planning
  Infra structure plans and public service building
  The road /Traffic /Transport network and parking area
  The Topography of the island and beaches
  The heritage and investment, economic studies
  Development of implementation document
  Tender document
  D.E.C will survey of the existing land uses and infrastructure network in the island and
    preparing a new master plan for developing the
  D.E.C review and update the existing plans of the island and prepare a new master plan to the island
  D.E.C prepare a set of computer –based GIS maps of the island including the existing land uses,
Project Components: Filaka island has been used as a recreation island with the old village More policies of third
  House about 8000 Kuwaiti citizens by the year 2015 and to develop a marine port
  Many private sectors introduced several proposals to investment in the island developing recreation projects
  Recreational centers which includes fishing area and campaigns
  Residential area (services centers which includes commercials centers)
  Area with special nature –ports helicopter heritage area