Consultant Name:   Dar Al-Dabbous Engineering Consultants (D.E.C)
Services Performed: Preparing the master plan and the different commercial , recreational and housing zones
  Analysis for the physical condition of the project site Preparing a development strategy including land
    use analysis based on socio-economic study, forecasting population and demographic study, land use patterns, roads network, transportation and traffic, infrastructure services and infrastructure strategy.
  Preparing alternative planning options with emphases on land use ,growth ,housing development,
    recreational areas ,transportation and traffic system ,water sewerage ,irrigation ,electricity , communications storm water ,and roads networks.
  Preparing the master plan report together with its implementation program.
  Preparing detailed design and tender documents for the utilities (roads, water supply, sanitation,
    irrigation, and electrical supply and communications facilities).
  Preparing the architectural conceptual design for the housing units.
  Preparing the roads design and the traffic analysis